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No, THIS is Why I’m Fat

Having a discussion with my daughter in the car about Miss America, how beauty is often mislabeled to a certain kind of body rather than to many, why beauty is fleeting, where our focus should be, etc.

One of the things that came up was health and fitness, how we should strive for our bodies to be healthy and fit, what that actually means, and why our country seems to have completely missed the mark.

(It was a completely awesome conversation. Made my whole week).

In that conversation, we got around to talking about what food is (fuel) and what calories are and how it all works. As an illustration, we told her about how my husband and I used to eat, and HOLY CRAP. When we were done, it’s really no wonder we got as heavy as we did.

Typical Saturday two years ago:

  • Wake up around 9. Go to McD’s and get sausage biscuits. (430 cals)
  • At noon, jump in the truck to go shopping. Stop to get lunch at Burger King. Have a Whopper and large french fries. (1130 cals)
  • Around 2, we’re on the way home. Grab a bag of chips from the gas station when we stop to fill up. (200 cals)
  • At 4, grab a few cookies from the kitchen while we’re tidying up: (200 cals)
  • At 6, Totinos pizzas for dinner (700 cals)
  • At 8:30, it’s alt night RAID TIME! Can’t raid an instance without snacks, that’s ludicrous! During the raid, eat three handfuls of wheat thins, 5 pieces of candy, and 3 more cookies (700 cals)

Total for the day: 3360

One day calorie surplus for my weight at the time: 1217

At that rate, I was gaining a pound every 3 days. 

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