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I’ve been failing at motivation for months. Months, guys.

And then a couple of days ago, my daughter and her plan-everything-a-year-in-advance mentality changed all of that.

Her: I want to be the Star Wars princess for Halloween.

Me: Which one?

Her: The 14-year-old one. 

Me: Padme? Princess Amidala?

Her: Yeah, Amidala. With the makeup.

Me: I think we can probably do that. Your dad wants to go as Darth Maul anyway.

Her: We should all be Star Wars characters! You can be the princess with the hair, Mommy. 

(The princess with the hair, if you were wondering).

8 months to get to a size that won’t embarrass me in a Leia costume. I want that badly enough to work for it. 

And no, the slave costume is out of the question. 

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